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Your source for inexpensive geocaching buttons and custom designs.

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Island Buttons is now accepting pre-orders for merchandise, which will be filled and shipped during the second half of July after the owner returns from Europe. Invoicing will occur in mid July when orders are ready to begin shipping.

Are you looking for geocaching buttons or magnets to use as geocaching swag? Check out our large selection of unique designs you won't find anywhere else. We also sell personalized buttons with your geocaching name.

Do you have an idea for a button, or need some made for your organization? We have competitive pricing to turn your idea into reality (and it doesn't have to be geocaching related). Simply contact us for a quote or to ask any questions not covered by the FAQ. We ship internationally, and local pickup is available if you live in our distribution area.

Have a wonderful winter!


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Latest News
2011/01/08 - Order taking is closed until July.
2011/01/04 - 10 Year end of year event trackable added.
2010/12/17 - 10 Year anniversary trackable key ring added.
2010/12/01 - 10 Year anniversary items are all marked down to clear out remaining stock.
2010/12/01 - Order taking has reopened for December.
2010/10/12 - Order taking is closed until December.
2010/09/25 - Order taking has reopened.
2010/09/23 - Order taking will resume for about 2 weeks on September 25 with products being shipped in early October.
2010/07/14 - Sales of personalized buttons have been halted due to the pending shut-down of operations tomorrow night.
2010/07/10 - Sales of the new G-Files geocoin 10 Years edition have been suspended due to problems with the coin when it arrived from the mint.
2010/07/05 - The 10 Years geocoins have arrived from the mint, and the regular and LE versions are now available.
2010/07/05 - A new 10 Years trackable has been added, as well as the start of a new series of Provincial trackables.
2010/06/26 - A new reminder card for trackables, plus sticky notes back in stock.
2010/06/24 - A new 10 Years of Geocaching geocoin is currently in production and should arrive in the next 1-2 weeks.
2010/06/24 - Added new page featuring all the swag we have celebrating 10 years of geocaching.