Below you will find the various sets of geocaching magnets available for purchase.

Geocaching Magnet Set 1: $6.00 (11 Magnets, 11 Designs, 1.25" diameter)
You will receive one set of the magnets shown below.

[Picture of Magnet Set 1]

Geocaching Magnet Set 52: $0.50 (1 Magnet, 1 Design, 3.5"x2")
The Tupperware is out there! You will receive the X-Files themed "G-Files" flat magnet shown below.

[Picture of Magnet Set 52]

Geocaching Magnet Set 53: $0.50 (1 Magnet, 1 Design, 2"x3.5")
There can be only one. You will receive the First to Find flat magnet shown below, great to leave as a FTF prize in a new cache.

[Picture of Magnet Set 53]

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