Trackable Trade In Program

It is fun to release a geocoin, travel bug, or other geocaching trackable and watch the places and countries it visits. An unfortunate reality is that sooner or later, it will probably go missing. I have had this happen many times myself.

If you have had geocoins or travel bugs go missing, you can now trade them in for new trackable tags that will be released to travel. The trade rate is 2 missing trackables for one new trackable; here's how it works.

  • Order a trackable tag from the geocaching trackable tags page.
  • When submitting your order, make a note in the comment field that you wish to take part in the Trackable Trade In program.
  • I will contact you, and using the geocaching adoption page, we'll transfer ownership of 2 trackables of your choice (geocoins/travel bugs/travel tags) from your geocaching account to mine.
  • When the transfer is complete, I will send you the tracking number and activation code for your new trackable tag.
  • After you activate it, I will add a travel card like the one shown here and release it in a cache in Nova Scotia, Canada to start travelling.
  • If it disappears within the first year, simply contact me and I will make and release a replacement for you.

The tracking numbers you trade should be for trackables that went missing while travelling, and that have been missing for at least a year to minimize the chance it will resurface. You can trade any number of missing trackables for new ones at the 2-to-1 rate. Please note that in this program nothing will be shipped to you, and the replacement tag that will be released if the original goes missing in the first year takes the place of the copy tag that usually comes with our trackables.

Why would I want to adopt your missing trackables? Because I'm a geocacher too, and I like to release trackables to travel. I have created proxy tags for trackables of my own that have gone missing, and so I will use the tracking numbers from your missing trackables to do the same. All original logs and pictures for your trackables will be left intact, so people who discovered or moved them in the past will not see their logs disappear (though I will probably change the trackable's name).

So in a nutshell, you get to trade 2 missing trackables for a new travelling one, and in return I get to add 2 new icons to my geocaching profile and have more trackables seeing the world. The potential downside for you if you care about numbers is that in your geocaching profile your owned trackables count will decrease by one, and the 2 icons you used to have will be replaced with one new one. However, the 2 icons should then appear in your Trackables Moved/Discovered list, and you are welcome to discover them to make sure they do.

That is how it works. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at

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