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From time to time Groundspeak promotes special widespread themed events. Examples include the tenth anniversary of geocaching, a Travel Bug going into space, and the Maker Madness themed events. Widespread events can even come from other sources, such as the annual Podcacher World Wide Flash Mob events. This page will allow you to make a special themed logbook specificaaly for some of these events as they approach (see an example). Just fill in your event information, print the resulting PDF, and fold the sheet in half to make a simple personalized log.
There are other templates if you need a logbook for a CITO or regular event, and if you would like to create a logbook for a geocache hide, use this template.

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*Please note that if your username includes non-alphanumeric characters (like a &) it could cause an error. Hopefully this limitation will be fixed in the future.

Form Fields:
Cover Image - Which design will appear on the cover of your logbook.
Logbook Size - For event logbooks, only large (a full sheet of paper) is available.
Paper Size - Whether the output is printed on Letter (North American) or A4 (European) sized paper. (A4 coming soon)
Orientation - For event logbooks, only the horizontal style (folded like a book) is available.
Geocaching Username - Your geocaching name will be printed on the bottom of the back cover, identifying you as the event owner. Leave this field blank if you do not want this on the logbook.
Event Name - The name of the event itself (e.g. Islander1988's Maker Madness Event), which will be printed on the front cover. Up to three lines are provided to accomodate very long event names that are too long to fit on one line, or you could put the name on one line and the GC number on another.

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